Cheryle LaVonne Concepts

The Tango Foreplay

ISBN 978-0-692-86391-6

     Carmel searched for a new activity that would challenge her and introduce her to a new social setting.  Tango lessons offered her good exercise as well as physical contact with a variety of men.  Devlin would capture her attention and cause her emotions to lose control.

     Devlin was suave enough to guide and glide her around the dance floor and several other places.  Although he likes to entertain several women, something about Carmel caught his attention.  He tried to entice Ethiopia but she did not carry the qualities he desired.

     After many years of absence, Travella relocates to Philadelphia to be close to her best friend.  A hidden secret would open a whirlwind of activity that was unexpected but truly enjoyed.

     Carmel experienced the tango as sensual touch, physical contact, guidance of the man and the trust of the woman to follow.  Is participating in a relationship comparable to dancing tango?  Are you a leader or a follower?

     Throughout the ups and downs and all arounds, dancing tango somehow made it better!

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