Cheryle LaVonne Concepts


ISBN  978-0-692-30703-8

This novel is a sequel to Ready for love where the three couples continue to live in the love they think they are ready for.  There is intrigue, suspense, intimacy and romance throughout with a little bit of spoken word to keep your mind thinking.  Living in Love will capture nuances of individual and relationship needs to make love work and last.

Diane and Dwayne continue to battle the influences of their past relationships and that causes friction.  With determination and honesty, they try to make their love last.

Gloria and Reginald go on an unexpected ride when he decides to do something she was not expecting.  After a literal battle of love’s tug of war, they decide to take a different direction.

Caroline found the man of her dreams in Philippe and he certainly found his queen in her.  Their love will display the actuality of commitment, trust, honesty, love and passion.

Once one is ready for love, he/she must live in the love they have found and make it work.  Strive to give love today in preparation to give more love tomorrow.

Book cover created by Jessica Tilles of TWA Solutions

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